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Work with Us

Business Management Coordinator (Full time)

Business Management Coordinator (Full time)

We are looking for a highly motivated multi-tasking professional to join our business management team in our San Francisco Bay Area office (Los Gatos, Santa Clara County) to support our botany consulting practice. The business management team provides accounting, finance, administrative, marketing, Geographic Information Systems, health and safety, and IT support to the company’s ecologists and landscape designers and architect consultants. This position could be a hybrid of remote and in-person. 

What you’ll do

This role is a critical part of the business management group and entails providing administrative, communication, marketing, proposal, and client coordination and deliverable assistance to senior leadership. The position has three key components: providing executive support for Dr. Kelly Hardwicke, principal and head of our company’s botany group, and her team (primary duty), assisting the health and safety coordinator with health and safety activities, and contributing to business management team operations and special projects. 

The successful candidate has a proactive approach to seeking out information needed both within the company and externally to drive projects to completion. They are comfortable managing multiple projects, communicating on behalf of senior staff, and using judgement to prioritize tasks. A sense of humor and a commitment to learning and professional growth are highly valued. 

Ideal qualifications

Training and skills: 

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution 
  • Proficiency with word processing software
  • Adept with Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software
  • Exceptionally organized
  • Problem solving skills
  • Eye for detail


  • Self-driven and inquisitive 
  • Proactive and persistent approach to getting information needed to complete a process or project, including from senior staff
  • Confident and diplomatic communicator
  • A knack for juggling multiple tasks while remaining productive
  • A commitment to discretion
  • Ability to apply policy and process concepts to real-time situations 
  • Patient and adaptable

Any of the following would be a great plus! 

  • Previous work with a consulting firm or an environmental organization or business
  • Prior experience as an executive assistant
  • An interest in and awareness of the natural world and/or science
  • Comfortable creating and delivering presentations in meetings
  • Database experience 

How to apply

We recognize that many people might have some aspects of, but not all, of this experience and background. If you believe you have the skills and drive to do this job but have only part of the experience, we encourage you to apply anyway and tell us why you think the job is a good fit for your background!

Please send us your resume and a complete cover letter which addresses the following:

  • The most important skill or experience you believe you’d be bringing to this job
  • Your favorite place to spend time, near or far
  • Anything else you’d like us to know about you that isn’t reflected in your resume

Please combine the resume and cover letter into one file when submitting through our applicant portal here. The cover letter is an important part of the application review process so please be sure to include one! 

Note: There will be a 15 minute online standardized test as part of the interview process and ultimately, we will request references and potentially academic transcripts. 

Employment Package, Benefits, and Work Culture

Our employment package includes a competitive salary and a generous benefits package. We strive to support employees in achieving a healthy and productive work/life balance and in developing their careers.

Health insurance

H. T. Harvey & Associates has always placed a strong emphasis on health and wellness. At the center of these offerings is our top-notch medical coverage (Kaiser Permanente and Cigna HMO or PPO plans) along with HSA and FSA options. For full time employees who opt in to one of our plans, we cover 100% of the premiums for that employee. We currently offer the option to select coverage for family members and pay 50% of the premiums for spouses, domestic partners, and children. The package also includes dental and vision coverage at no additional cost to the employee. Pro-rated plan options are available for those who work at least 50% time.  

Retirement benefits

We offer a 401(k) plan with an employer match (an especially high percentage for a company of our size!). The plan offers nearly 50 fund choices with a strong socially responsible investment component. 

Time off

In addition to paid time off, employees receive 10 additional paid company holidays, including on Martin Luther King Day for voluntary participation in a National Day of Service.

Professional development

We encourage and provide ongoing professional development both on the job with peers and senior leadership and through external trainings, classes, conferences, and events for which we cover the costs. We also offer publication, poster, and presentation bonuses and encourage involvement in scientific and professional associations.   

Flexible work arrangements

Employees work from our company offices and from home offices. We offer flexible scheduling options within the work week, with a focus on facilitating collaboration and accommodating client needs, while enabling employees to maintain work/life balance.

About H. T. Harvey & Associates 

H. T. Harvey & Associates is an ecological consulting firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area, with five offices in California and Hawaii. Our core areas of expertise are plant ecology, wildlife ecology, restoration ecology, landscape architecture, and fish and aquatic ecology. We hire people who strive to be the best in their fields and provide training, support, and work opportunities to grow their expertise. This year we are celebrating more than 50 years of cultivating excellence in our staff and work in pursuit of our mission to create ecologically sound solutions to our clients’ complex natural resource challenges. 

H. T. Harvey & Associates is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, veteran status, disability status, or any other applicable characteristics protected by law. We encourage people of all backgrounds and abilities to apply.