Who We Are

Who We Are

Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Ron Duke, President

Ron Duke, M.A., President Emeritus, Chairman-of-the Board
Ron Duke is a wildlife and wetlands ecologist who has directed thousands of projects since he started with the firm more than 40 years ago. President of H. T. Harvey & Associates from 1990 through 2022 and currently chairman-of-the-board, he provides leadership on the firm's overall technical and philosophical direction. He is an expert on the endangered salt marsh harvest mouse and the ecology and restoration of the marsh habitat on which it depends. Continue reading »

Dan Duke. J.D., President and Principal
Dan Duke is president of H. T. Harvey & Associates and a principal in the firm. He has more than twenty years of experience as lawyer and regulatory specialist, including 10 years in various roles at the company. He is responsible for providing strategic leadership to more than 80 employees in five offices in California and Hawai‘i. Dan leads the company in pursuit of its mission to create ecologically sound solutions to clients’ complex natural resource challenges and works to keep us at the forefront in today’s dynamic business and regulatory climate. Continue reading »

Karin Hunsicker, CEO

Karin Hunsicker, M.S. and M.B.A., CEO
Karin Hunsicker is the chief executive officer, bringing more than 25 years of experience in environmental engineering, strategy and logistics to H. T. Harvey & Associates. She joined in 2004 as chief operations officer, and worked closely with the executive team to expand the firm from 35 people in three offices, to more than 80 staff in five locations. Karin became CEO in 2013, and oversees all operations, including finance, legal, human resources, marketing, and administrative activities. Continue reading »

Scott Terrill, VP and Principal

Scott Terrill, Ph.D., Vice President, Principal
Dr. Scott Terrill, vice president and the principal in charge of our Hawaii office, wind energy projects, and company research activities. He  is an internationally recognized avian ecology and behavior expert who has made major contributions to the study of bird migration and movements. Scott also has a strong background in vertebrate community ecology and population biology in terrestrial, estuarine, and marine habitats. Continue reading »

Steve Rottenborn, Ph.D., Vice President, Principal
Dr. Steve Rottenborn is a vice president and principal in the wildlife ecology group in the San Francisco Bay Area office of H. T. Harvey & Associates. He specializes in resolving issues related to special-status wildlife species and in meeting the wildlife-related requirements of federal and state environmental laws and regulations. Continue reading »

Brian Boroski, VP and Principal

Brian Boroski, Ph.D., Vice President, Principal
Dr. Brian Boroski is a vice president and principal and the head of operations for our San Joaquin Valley and Central California office. He has more than 30 years of experience as a wildlife ecologist with an extensive history of working on projects involving endangered species, permitting, and permit compliance in many arenas, including utility-scale renewable energy, particularly solar.  Continue reading »

Sharon Kramer, Ph.D., Principal
Dr. Sharon Kramer is a marine ecologist and principal who heads our California North Coast office and fish and aquatic ecology projects. She has more than 30  years of experience in aquatic ecology and fisheries biology in the Pacific Northwest, California, Australia, and Hawai‘i. Sharon is well-versed in fish and aquatic habitat restoration and monitoring, and project permitting and leads our offshore marine energy efforts. Continue reading »

Joe Howard, M.L.A, ASLA, Principal
Joe Howard is a licensed landscape architect and leader of the landscape architecture group. He is well-versed in all stages of the design and planning process. Joe helps identify and resolve ecological concerns during the early stages of site design and planning, and specializes in translating complex biological issues into intelligent planning and construction documents. Continue reading »

Max J. Busnardo, M.S., Principal
Max Busnardo is a principal and senior restoration ecologist specializing in ecosystem restoration, wetland ecology, and watershed-scale ecological assessment. While trained as a wetland ecologist, Max’s two decades of restoration project work spans a diversity of ecosystems found in the western United States, including tidal wetland, riparian, freshwater wetland, vernal pool, oak woodland, and coastal scrub. Continue reading »

Kelly Hardwicke, Ph.D., Principal
Dr. Kelly Hardwicke is a plant and invertebrate ecologist who leads the plant ecology group. Her primary work is classifying and describing habitats and identifying the component flora and invertebrates found on project sites. She writes CEQA documents and provides regulatory permit assistance. Kelly also has invertebrate biology experience with many years of experience in conducting insect surveys.  Continue reading »

Matt Wacker, M.S. M.C. P, Principal
Matt Wacker is a principal in our Sacramento office and leads H. T Harvey & Associates’ land management services. Over his 20 years in consulting, Matt has played a key role on hundreds of projects across California related to natural resources inventory, management, restoration, and monitoring. Matt is also a Certified Rangeland Manager licensed to prepare rangeland management plans and similar documents on nonfederal lands within California. Continue reading »

Amy Sparks J. D., Principal
Amy Sparks is a principal in our San Joaquin Valley office who has expertise in both ecology and law. With more than 20 years of experience directing and managing permit processes of large construction and transportation projects, her background covers terrestrial, freshwater, and coastal resources.  Continue reading »