Who We Are

Who We Are

Jeff P. Smith, Ph.D. (Associate Ecologist)

Jeff P. Smith, Ph.D. (Associate Ecologist)

Wildlife Ecology
San Francisco Bay Area

Dr. Jeff Smith is a senior wildlife ecologist and ornithologist, with particular expertise in raptor biology, ecology, and conservation. His raptor expertise he brings to our involvement with renewable energy projects greatly improves our ability to determine the effects of these projects on raptors and identify the most effective measures to mitigate these effects.

Jeff’s energy development project experience includes:

  • Assessing risks to migratory and nesting raptors from existing and proposed wind farms in California, Nevada, and Texas
  • Addressing the effects of power lines on raptors in Utah and Wyoming
  • Assessing impacts on raptors from oil and gas development in Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado and proposing better management approaches for mitigating these impacts
  • Facilitating development of mitigation plans to address effects on Swainson’s hawk habitat from California solar developments
  • Developing and implementing initial constraints analyses, site characterization studies, baseline surveys, bird and bat conservation strategies, and postconstruction monitoring programs for wind, solar, and electric utility facilities in California, Nevada, and Kansas

Jeff has been a dedicated member and active professional participant in the Raptor Research Foundation, serving on its board of directors; serving as scientific program chair; and, since 2008, serving as an associate editor for the Journal of Raptor Research. He has participated as an invited member of a national Golden Eagle Science Team convened by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. He also serves on the Steering Committee for the Research Subcommittee of the California/Nevada Golden Eagle Working Group, with responsibilities that have included serving as program chair for a 2012 symposium. He is also a member of the Renewable Energy Working Group of The Wildlife Society and the California Swainson’s Hawk Technical Advisory Committee.

Jeff has published more than 50 peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts; produced numerous technical reports; and, in 2008, served as coeditor and coauthor of State of North America’s Birds of Prey, which presented the first continental-scale assessment of long-term population trends and the conservation status of migratory raptors in North America.

Jeff received a Ph.D. in wildlife ecology from the University of Florida; an M.S. in biology-ecology from Utah State University; and a B.A. in zoology from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Highlighted Publications and Presentations:

Smith, J. P., "Pilot Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of DTBird® in Reducing Risk of Golden Eagles and Other Raptors Colliding with Operational Wind Turbines", a presentation to the NWCC Wind Wildlife Research Meeting XII-November 2018. The presentation can be found here.

Johnston, D. S., J. A. Howell, S. B. Terrill, N. Thorngate, J. Castle, and J. P. Smith. 2013. Bird and Bat Movement Patterns and Mortality at the Montezuma Hills Wind Resource Area. H. T. Harvey & Associates, Los Gatos, California. Prepared for California Energy Commission, Sacramento, California.

Slater, S. J., and J. P. Smith. 2010. Effectiveness of raptor perch deterrents on an electrical transmission line in southwestern Wyoming. Journal of Wildlife Management 74:1080–1088.