Who We Are

Who We Are

Paul J. Conry, M.S. (Principal, Adjunct)

Paul J. Conry, M.S. (Principal, Adjunct)

Wildlife Ecology

Paul is a principal with H. T. Harvey & Associates and oversees our work in Hawai‘i. He combines knowledge of Hawaiian resources with more than 30 years of experience with State and federal environmental regulatory processes. Paul's efforts are focused on identifying workable approaches for renewable energy and land management projects in Hawai‘i, and conservation of native and endangered species.

Paul’s background includes serving as the head of the Hawai‘i Division of Forestry and Wildlife, where he was responsible for developing and implementing wildlife, forestry, and watershed conservation plans and programs on both State and private lands. He was instrumental in the creation of landowner incentives and assistance provisions in Hawai‘i’s Endangered Species Act and other conservation programs.

Paul was involved with the administration of the State endangered species program as well as the State Endangered Species Recovery Committee. He helped draft, review and approve habitat conservation plans, safe harbor agreements, and incidental take licenses.

At H. T. Harvey & Associates Paul has been involved with the following projects:

  • an assessment of the biological characteristics and mitigation value of conservation lands to develop a conservation bank for threatened and endangered seabirds on Kauai;
  • development of survey and monitoring protocol for endangered the Hawaiian hoary bat;
  • preparation of the management plan and environmental analysis for creation of a new National Estuarine Research Reserve at Kaneohe on Oahu; and
  • revising and updating the Hawai‘i Wildlife Action Plan and Hawai‘i Forest Action Plan for the Department of Land and Natural Resources.

Paul has an M.S. in wildlife biology from the University of Montana and a B.S. in wildlife biology from Arizona State University.

He is a certified Professional Wildlife Biologist by the Wildlife Society and a member of the Wildlife Society and Society of American Foresters.

Highlighted Publications:

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