Who We Are

Who We Are

Our Professionals

Our Professionals

We have nearly 80 staff in five offices in California and Hawai‘i. 3 ways to get in touch with one of our senior experts:

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Mark Bibbo, M.S. (Associate)

Mark Bibbo is an associate and senior botanist in the San Francisco Bay Area office of H. T. Harvey & Associates, with more than 15 years of botanical experience. His project work has spanned California, covering most eco-regions and habitat types in the state including ranging from the delta and Central Valley to the San Francisco Bay area, Central Coast, and Sierra Nevada and into the southern California deserts. He has worked with clients in the public, private and non-profit sectors on more than 100 projects.

Mark Lagarde, B.S. (GIS Supervisor)

Mark is the leader of H. T. Harvey’s geographic information systems (GIS) group. Throughout his career, Mark has worked closely with biologists and engineers to develop and apply spatial data on large, complex projects. He has managed more than 300 GIS projects for client reports, including detailed analysis of stream banks, spatial analysis of species of special concern, and mapping of wetlands and marshes.

Matthew J. Wacker, M.S./M.C.P. (Principal)

Matt Wacker is a principal in our Sacrramento office and leads H. T Harvey & Associates’ land management services. Over his 20 years in consulting, Matt has played a key role on hundreds of projects across California related to natural resources inventory, management, restoration, and monitoring. Although his work has involved a broad diversity of sensitive taxa and habitats, his particular area of expertise is the ecology and management of grasslands, montane meadows, oak woodlands, and associated wetland and riparian ecosystems. Matt is also a Certified Rangeland Manager (CRM) licensed to prepare rangeland management plans and similar documents on nonfederal lands within California.

Max J. Busnardo, M.S. (Principal)

Max Busnardo is a principal and senior restoration ecologist specializing in ecosystem restoration, wetland ecology, and watershed-scale ecological assessment. He assists Dan Stephens with leadership of H. T. Harvey & Associates Restoration Ecology group. While trained as a wetland ecologist, Max’s two decades of restoration project work spans a diversity of ecosystems found in the western United States, including tidal wetland, riparian, freshwater wetland, vernal pool, oak woodland, and coastal scrub.

Megan Richards, PLA (Landscape Architect)

Megan Richards is a senior landscape architect and project manager in the San Francisco Bay Area office of H. T. Harvey & Associates. She has 15 years of experience in landscape architecture and she is a certified arborist and qualified firescaping professional.

Paul J. Conry, M.S. (Principal, Adjunct)

Paul is a principal with H. T. Harvey & Associates and oversees our work in Hawai‘i. He combines knowledge of Hawaiian resources with more than 30 years of experience with State and federal environmental regulatory processes. Paul's efforts are focused on identifying workable approaches for renewable energy and land management projects in Hawai‘i, and conservation of native and endangered species.

Rachel Visscher (Associate, Landscape Architect)

Rachel Visscher is a landscape architect and associate at H. T. Harvey & Associates, with a background in design and planning. She contributes to master plans, develops conceptual designs, and prepares construction documents in support of the design and planning process for various project types, including trail and open space, urban ecology, and habitat restoration projects. Rachel also has experience thoughtfully incorporating Universal Design principles and Americans with Disabilities Act standards into site design.

Rick Golightly, Ph.D. (Adjunct Senior Associate)

Rick Golightly is a noted seabird ecologist in northern California who specializes in the ecology of marbled murrelets and common murres. He has conducted extensive research into the behavior and ecology of marbled murrelets, both at sea and in nesting (old-growth forest) habitats. Rick uses his research results to inform the management and mitigation of impacts on murrelets ranging from potential wind turbine strikes to oil spills to the impact of national park activities on nesting success.