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Wildlife Ecologist (Central Valley, California)

Wildlife Ecologist (Central Valley, California)

We are looking for a motivated wildlife ecologist for a full time position in our Central Valley office in Fresno, California. Our employment package includes a competitive salary and personal incentive bonus as well as medical, dental, life insurance, and a 401(k) with a generous employer match. Our professionals strive to be the best in their fields and we provide training, support, and work opportunities to grow their expertise.

What are some of the important projects that the Central Valley office works on?
Our mission is to help clients address their complex ecological challenges. This is not to say every project is glamorous and exciting, but because of our three decades of experience in the Central Valley, and recognized expertise in the species and habitats of the region, we get to do some pretty interesting things! For example, we: 

  • Work in a diverse array of habitats and handle a number of threatened and endangered species.
  • Lead ecological and permitting efforts for projects of regional or national importance.  
  • Frequently work on cutting edge or “one of a kind” projects with unique challenges, the results of which we publish and/ or present at national and international conferences. 

What you’ll do
Our scientists spend time both in the field and in the office with the firm’s team of highly trained professionals. Field work includes conducting surveys in support of impact assessments, land management and conservation planning, the relocation of species, and monitoring special-status wildlife species. In the office H. T. Harvey & Associates wildlife ecologists contribute to and write biological resource reports, natural resource management plans, and assist with work related to permit applications. Our ecologist are guided by the expertise and training of senior team staff, and often collaborate with experts in other areas (botany, restoration ecology, fish ecology, rangeland ecology, GIS, and others).

Who works at H. T. Harvey & Associates?  
The senior leadership of the Fresno office has been researching and working in the Central Valley for more than three decades and have unparalleled expertise with the region’s species, habitats, regulatory environment, and habitat plans. A position working for H. T. Harvey & Associates is for those who strive for excellence in their everyday work, their science, and their long term careers, and are interested in continually improving their scientific knowledge, learning from others, and collaborating with experts in other fields of ecology.  

If that sounds like you and you meet the requirements below, we look forward to learning more about your ecological interests and skills during the application process!

Required experience

  • Strong academic background with a B.S. or B. A. in biological studies, natural resources, wildlife management, wildlife biology, or equivalent
  • A broad knowledge of the biology of California’s fauna
  • Solid field experience 
  • Exceptional and demonstrated technical writing ability
  • Good organizational and data handling skills 
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills 

Desired qualifications  

  • Strong ornithological skills or experience with special-status species of the Central Valley or Mojave Desert, such as kangaroo rats, antelope squirrels, and kit fox, is preferred.
  • Minimum 2 years’ consulting or resource agency experience in the Western US
  • Understanding of and experience with California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)  
  • Master’s degree in applicable field 

This position requires the future employee to: 

  • Hold a valid driver’s license with no major traffic violations or multiple minor violations
  • Work occasionally on nights, weekends, and early morning hours
  • Walk over varied terrain for surveys
  • Work in inclement weather 
  • Lift and carry equipment weighing up to 50 pounds. 
  • Follow best practices for field safety
  • Travel within California for fieldwork

How to apply
First and foremost we will evaluate your technical skills and experience, and your communications skills are a close second. We ask for your academic transcripts, your resume, a cover letter, references, and a technical writing sample. In your cover letter we’d appreciate it if you share some thoughts about what you love about wildlife ecology or what you are looking to get out of your next position. We really do read your cover letters–it’s an opportunity to share with us some of the things that might not come through in a traditional resume. 

Interested candidates should respond by submitting requested materials through this link.