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  • We've got a crew of ecologists who work in Hawaii attending the 25th annual Hawaii Conservation Conference to be held July 24-26 in Honolulu. Wildlife ecologist, Paul Conry and plant ecologist, Dr. Shahin Ansari, will be there! Bat biologist Dr. Dave Johnston, Dr. Kristin Jonasson, and Brad Yuen will be attending and presenting information about their work with the Hawaiian hoary bat. 

  • This year's Floodplan Manager's Association Conference will be held from September 4-7 in Reno, Nevada. Principal, restoration ecologist, and head of our Sacramento Valley office, Debra Bishop, will be chairing a panel and is serving on the awards committee. 

  • Avian expert, David Ainley is the lead author and Dr. Pete Nelson, fish and aquatic ecologist, is a contriibuting author on a paper published in the Biological Conservation Journal, "Ecosystem-based management affecting Brandt's Cormorant resources and populations in the central California Current region."