Compliance Support

Once project permits are secured and environmental documents are finalized, H. T. Harvey & Associates can manage the regulatory compliance process. Our services include conducting pre-construction surveys, creating and implementing compliance programs, providing training, and monitoring conditions during and after construction.

We work on all steps of a project to ensure compliance. Starting with project siting, we plan and conduct pre-construction surveys to guide clients during project development. If species of particular concern are present, we develop conservation measures or propose project adjustments to minimize detrimental impacts. If needed, we also develop creative and effective plans for relocating sensitive wildlife.

Our approach to compliance is to implement a program that encompasses all biological resource-related requirements. Such a compliance program may include the following activities:

  • Monitoring for nesting birds, and removing nest starts from the construction area
  • Locating bat roost sites, and excluding bats from impact areas
  • Identifying appropriate sites to which special-status animals can be moved
  • Conducting preactivity surveys before the start of each day’s work
  • Observing the work area during construction to detect any special-status wildlife that might be present
  • Relocating special-status wildlife if detected in the work area
  • Installing and inspecting wildlife exclusion fences, one-way doors, and other protective devices
  • Training construction staff on compliance requirements

Throughout project construction, we also document mitigation measures and permit conditions and prepare required compliance reports. Once construction is complete, we design and manage ongoing monitoring programs in compliance with permit requirements.

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