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  • A recording of the webinar “Seabird Vulnerability to Floating Wind Generation Off the Coast of California” presented by Dr. Sharon Kramer, principal and offshore energy team lead, and Stephanie Schneider, aquatic ecologist, as part of the Schatz Energy Research Center Clean Energy and Climate Series is available to watch online.

  • Dr. Scott Terrill, principal and senior wildlife ecologist; Terrell Erickson, senior associate and aquatic ecologist; Dr. Shahin Ansari, senior plant ecologist; and Gregory Spencer, senior wildlife ecologist, will be at the Hawaii Conservation Conference June 27–29. If you’d like to meet with us at the conference let us know!

  • Dr. David Ainley, senior avian ecologist, is presenting “Resurgence Of The Anthropocene In The Ross Sea, Antarctica” at the Ross Sea Conference July 3–7.

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