Restoration Ecology

H. T. Harvey & Associates has been at the forefront of innovative ecosystem restoration and habitat mitigation work since its inception. We were among the pioneers of wetland restoration in the San Francisco Bay Area and have more than 40 years of continuous experience designing and implementing the restoration of tidal and seasonal wetlands and riparian habitats. Today we are still one of just a few firms in the western United States to have a dedicated, large team of professional restoration specialists. Principals Max Busnardo and Matt Wacker lead our restoration ecology team, with expertise spanning a wide variety of habitats. Our team offers the following advantages to projects:

  • Highly customized approach
  • Restoration ecology subdiscipline expertise
  • Partnership with wildlife, plant, and aquatic ecology, and landscape architecture groups

Highly Customized Approach

We have built our team recognizing that every project is different—each presents a unique suite of wildlife and plant species, physical conditions, environmental and regulatory constraints, and goals. For each new restoration site, regardless of the type of project, we employ proven methods to address challenges. We ask the right questions, consult the appropriate agency staff effectively, and design projects that will flourish. We guide projects through the often complex regulatory agency approval process, and provide oversight of construction and long-term site management to ensure that sites meet their goals.

Restoration Ecology Subdiscipline Expertise

All of our senior restoration ecologists have wide-ranging experience and bring an extraordinary level of skill to their specialties. Their expertise includes riparian restoration (Dan Stephens), restoration planning, tidal marsh and seasonal wetland restoration (Ron Duke and Max Busnardo), and harsh site restoration (Max Busnardo). We regularly work on diverse wetland and upland restoration projects.

Partnership with Wildlife, Botany, and Landscape Architecture Groups

Our designs reflect the powerful synergy we have built by integrating the skills of our expert landscape architects and restoration, wildlife, fisheries, and plant ecologists. Working alongside our wildlife and plant ecologists, our restoration team is often focused on helping endangered species to survive and recover. We’ve successfully restored vernal pools for salamanders and fairy shrimp, ponds and upland habitat for California red-legged frogs, tidal marsh for salt marsh harvest mice, and riparian habitat for yellow-billed cuckoos. Much of our recent work has been in the desert, restoring desert grassland habitat for the giant kangaroo rat and San Joaquin kit fox.

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