Wildlife Ecology

H. T. Harvey & Associates’ wildlife ecology group has extensive experience with an array of species, including birds, bats and other mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates.  Dr. Scott Terrill, Dr. Steve Rottenborn, Dr. Brian Boroski, and Robin Carle anchor a group of ecologists who are notable in their respective fields. We bring exceptional wildlife experience to client projects, offering:

  • broad and deep expertise with special-status species
  • internationally recognized bird, mammal, raptor, bat, and herpetological capabilities
  • multidisciplinary work on large, complex projects

Broad and Deep Expertise with Special-status Species

Our consultants have worked with many of the significant special-status species in California and Hawai’i. As testimony to this background, H. T. Harvey & Associates’ wildlife team members have published more than 400 scientific papers and several technical books. A few particular areas of specialty are the salt marsh harvest mouse, San Joaquin kit fox, California red-legged frog, California tiger salamander, various bat species (including the endangered Hawaiian hoary bat), and the Ridgway’s rail.

Internationally Recognized Bird, Mammal, Raptor, Bat, and Herpetological Capabilities

Our staff are recognized as leaders in their fields, including Dr. Scott Terrill’s and Dr. Steve Rottenborn’s expertise with birds; Dr. Brian Boroski’s expertise with mammals along with Dr. Dave Johnston’s bat investigations; and our other senior experts’ work with raptors or reptiles and amphibians. They stand out for their technical expertise, high scientific standards, and extensive field experience. Our senior wildlife team members have many affiliations with academic and scientific institutions. Our staff is unique among consultants in receiving National Science Foundation funding for ecology research for more than 25 years continuously.

Multidisciplinary Work on Large, Complex Projects

Our wildlife ecologists have not only a rigorous scientific understanding of species and habitats, but also decades of practical experience with permitting, monitoring, and compliance support. Other key senior members of our team include associate Robin Carle, associate and raptor expert, Dr. Jeff Smith, and senior associate and regulatory specialist, Amy Sparks. Our ecologists are practiced in working across disciplines and collaborating with other experts and partners, as well as with agencies and stakeholders. We excel when a project results in a particularly complex set of challenges for a species, such as a recent renewable energy project that necessitated more than 200 interwoven biological compliance requirements.

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