Who We Are

Who We Are

Shahin Ansari, Ph.D. (Senior Ecologist 2)

Shahin Ansari, Ph.D. (Senior Ecologist 2)

Plant Ecology

Dr. Shahin Ansari has more than 15 years of experience in tropical botany, plant ecology, and the invasion biology of island ecosystems. She has conducted extensive ecological research in Hawai‘i and has a deep understanding of the Islands’ wide-ranging habitats, unique native biota, and ecological history.The expertise she brings to our Hawai'i office includes Hawaiian flora, vegetation ecology, invasive species, endangered species, wetlands, habitat restoration, environmental mitigation, and preparation of conservation management plans.

Shahin has worked with public agencies and private sector clients on natural resource management and conservation projects. She is skilled at managing projects from the planning stage to the submittal of deliverables while adhering to strict deadlines, and acting as liaison with various project stakeholders.

Her professional experience includes the following highlights:

·        She has served as principal investigator on research projects that involved developing restoration techniques to enhance coastal habitats and investigating control strategies to reduce fuel loads of invasive fire-prone grasses in Hawai‘i.

·        She developed a 10-year strategic plan for the Hawai‘i Department of Transportation’s Highways Division to manage invasive species, statewide, along highway rights-of-way. Shahin led a team of experts, including arborists, landscape specialists, and graphic artists, to develop a 400-page, fully illustrated, state-of-the-art manual on how to sustainably manage vegetation in Hawai‘i’s highway rights-of-way. She also developed and coordinated subsequent training workshops based on this manual for the maintenance staff of the Highways Division.

·        She has led and coordinated numerous comprehensive botanical inventories, described various vegetation types, quantified plant species abundance, and mapped native and invasive plant species in varied ecosystems in Hawai‘i.

·        She has provided technical expertise on and authored several vegetation management strategies and prepared conservation and management plans.

Shahin received a Ph.D. in botany with a specialization in ecology, evolution, and conservation biology from the University of Hawai‘i, Manoa; an M.S. in botany from the University of Bombay; and a B.S. in physics, chemistry, and botany from the University of Bombay.

Highlighted Publications:

Ansari, S., and C. C. Daehler. 2011. Fasciation in invading common mullein, Verbascum thapsus (Scrophulariaceae): Testing the roles of genetic and environmental factors. Pacific Science 65(4):451–463.

Ansari, S., and C. C. Daehler. 2010. Life history variation in temperate plant invader, Verbascum thapsus along a tropical elevational gradient in Hawaii. Biological Invasions 12:4033–4047.

Daehler, C. C., J. S. Denslow, S. Ansari, and H Kuo. 2004. A risk-assessment system for screening out invasive pest plants from Hawaii and other Pacific islands. Conservation Biology 18(2):360–368.