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Who We Are

Our Professionals

Our Professionals

We have nearly 80 staff in five offices in California and Hawai‘i. 3 ways to get in touch with one of our senior experts:

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Ellen T. Pimentel, M.A. (Senior Ecologist)

Ellen Tatum Pimentel is a senior plant ecologist and project manager in the Sacramento office of H. T. Harvey & Associates, with nearly 15 years of experience. She plans, implements, and monitors a variety of projects in vernal pool, grassland, riparian, freshwater and tidal wetland, and coastal dune communities throughout California. Ellen has led or conducted vernal pool branchiopod and amphibian surveys, vegetation classification and mapping, invasive plant mapping and control, botanical surveys, and vegetation and wetland monitoring and ecological assessments.

Ethan M. Barnes, M.S. (Senior Ecologist)

Ethan Barnes is a senior plant ecologist and project manager at H. T. Harvey & Associates with more than 15 years of experience. He has conducted surveys for special-status plant species, performed wetland delineations, and mapped vegetative cover types in a wide variety of plant communities throughout California and other parts of the United States. His botanical surveys have involved inventorying plant species in numerous habitat types, including wetland, grassland, chaparral, oak woodland, montane, desert, halophytic, and anthropogenic communities. Ethan has identified and observed more than 100 special-status plant species in their native habitats throughout California. He holds a federal permit to conduct surveys for listed vernal pool crustaceans and is approved by CDFW as a Level II surveyor for blunt-nosed leopard lizard.

Gavin Archbald, M.S. (Senior Ecologist)

Gavin Archbald is a senior restoration ecologist and project manager with H. T. Harvey & Associates, specializing in the management of restoration projects in wetland and riparian communities. He has nearly a decade   of experience working in tidal marsh, freshwater wetland, riparian, coastal scrub, marsh-upland ecotone, and oak woodland communities. He is skilled in delineating wetland and riparian habitats and is certified in applying the California Rapid Assessment Method (CRAM) in tidal marshes, depression wetlands, and riparian areas. Gavin has extensive experience mapping and monitoring a range of vegetation communities, including through the use of remote sensing technology.

Greg Spencer (Senior ecologist)

Gregory Spencer is a senior wildlife ecologist and project manager with H. T. Harvey & Associates, based in Maui, Hawaii. His wildlife ecology experience involves several years of seabird research throughout the Hawaiian Islands, Alaska, and the eastern North Pacific, both colony-based and at-sea, including the development and implementation of conservation management programs aimed at promoting conservation benefits for ESA listed species.

Jacquie Maher, MS (Senior Ecologist)

Jacquie Maher is a senior wildlife ecologist and project manager. She has more than a dozen years of experience with aquatic and wildlife ecology. Jacquie conducts protocol surveys for protected species, wildlife trapping and monitoring, nesting bird surveys, wetland and restoration monitoring, salmonid snorkel surveys, and non-native weed surveys.

Jeff P. Smith, Ph.D. (Associate Ecologist)

Dr. Jeff Smith is an Associate ecologist and ornithologist, with particular expertise in raptor biology, ecology, and conservation. His raptor expertise he brings to our involvement with renewable energy projects greatly improves our ability to determine the effects of these projects on raptors and identify the most effective measures to mitigate these effects.

Jeff Seay, B.A. (Senior Ecologist)

Jeff Seay is a wildlife ecologist and ornithologist, with 30 years of experience identifying birds in California. In addition to his expertise on birds, Jeff has extensive knowledge of other wildlife found in the Central Valley of California, including mammals, reptiles, and amphibians, and he is knowledgeable about the distribution and habitat requirements of those species protected by the State and federal governments.

Jeffery Wilkinson, Ph.D. (Senior Ecologist)

Dr. Jeff Wilkinson is a herpetologist with more than 20 years of research experience in the phylogenetics, biogeography, taxonomy, natural history, and ecology of reptiles and amphibians. He is authorized under the company's 10(a)(1)(A) permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to handle California red-legged frogs and California tiger salamanders throughout their ranges, and he is a Level II surveyor for the blunt-nosed leopard lizard. In addition, Jeff possesses a current scientific collecting permit for reptiles and amphibians in California, including species of special concern and the threatened California tiger salamander.